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Short Term Medical Insurance
Available for 30 to 365 days...
Up to $2 Million in coverage
Visit any doctor, any hospital
Prescription drug coverage
Coverage as early as the next day
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Temporary Health Insurance
For people who are...
Between jobs or laid off
Looking for a lower-cost alternative
Recent college graduates
Waiting for employer sponsored coverage
Temporary or seasonal employees
Short Term Medical Insurance
An affordable solution...
Simple - You get coverage for unexpected illnesses and accidents; pre-existing medical conditions are not covered.

Fast - Coverage can be obtained as early as the next day... just a few simple medical questions to answer. Best of all, you can choose to receive your policy electronically!
Affordable - You design the plan that best meets your needs and budget. Short Term Medical insurance is a low-cost option for your temporary need and also may be a low-cost alternative to COBRA.
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